Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day One

My intention of starting this blog is to have a way of showing of my work and to have a way to interact with people that see my creations.I dont know how often I will be able to manage this but will do my best to stay on top of this and to update it as often as I can.

What is SmittenHeart Designs up to?? Well,I have been looking through various knitting patterns to see what I want to do next and I feel the great need to create some fuzzy creatures for Shane so here we go..

I also have been making more photo jewelry.The current project that I am working on is for a lady that works with Mario.Her mother is very old and his co-worker is the last of 5 kids to still be on earth.So I am making a pendant of the ONLY photo that exists with all 5 kids...Quite a touching piece.I hope to be able to sit with his co-worker to discuss the people in the photo.This is the first piece that I have done that features people that I have never met and that has such great history.I have had this project pending for about a month and having put jewelrymaking away to do some knitting.I realized that I should really start working on this great project and after talking about it with Mario I realized how much it would mean to the family to have this...