Friday, June 12, 2009

A little rainbow to cheer you up!

I was wanting to make some cupcakes for Shane's last day of preschool.I thought about maybe some decorative topped ones but then I realized that as little as they are all they REALLY cared about what eating it..

I still wanted to make it different and unique for the kids.How about a rainbow??

My son loves colors and maybe his classmates would too.

SO what started out as this..

ended up like this..

and even the wrapper looked like a rainbow..

who would have known a little color would add such a great ending to an awesome school year..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The MANY faces of Shane

Shane was selected to be a part of our Down Syndrome group's yearly calender.A professional photographer met with him to take some photos of him while at the park.She was awesome enough to let me have the photos and I soon realized that I havent made a clay photo pendant of Shane in awhile.

Here are the pendants with some of the new photos of Shane.

I use the tshirt paper transfer method to transfer the photos onto the polymer clay,it is then coated with sealer.

I ♥ them..but then again I am a little biased..