Monday, January 10, 2011

Maybe now I'll have some fun doing the laundry!

I have been reading for years about making your own laundry detergent.But,I always wondered..why?? When theres a LONG line of them just waiting for you to buy..but it seemed to me..just like EVERYTHING else.. that it was getting more and more expensive to just purchase them at the store..So since I already make handmade soap,why not venture into making my own laundry soap.

I seen powdered..liquid..but since I used powdered anyways THATS what I went with..and REALLY it just seemed easier to make..what I used

Some washing soda, borax and this case I used both my own handmade soap and some Zote soap.ALL of the ingredients I found in the laundry isle at my grocery store.

I used a mixture guideline of 2 parts shredded soap:1 part washing soda:1 part borax

I placed the all ingredients in a plastic zip top bag..and shook it until it all got mixed together..I then placed the mixture into a reclosable plastic tub..

Use 1Tbs of the mixture for top loading machines..and 2Tbs for regular machines..I havent ventured into vinegar rinses-thats my next journey :)

Lessons learned:
-to use a mask when mixing the aways will get you coughing..

-meet a neighbor and give them the gift of your new laundry soap since YOU'LL make TONS
of laundry soap with just one bar and the boxes of washing soda and borax that you

-feel the sense of awesomeness as you skate right past the laundry isle KNOW you dont need to lug those big bulky containers and boxes home..

*The next thing I am going to do is breakdown the cost per load..just to impress myself even more*

Monday, January 3, 2011

Because Valentines day is right around the corner

I just started experimenting with making some personalized polymer clay conversation hearts since its almost THE BIG DAY!! My favorite time of year-next to Christmas of course..all of the hearts-MY FAVORITE shape! and pinky goodness as far as the eyes can see..

So what other confection is reminiscent of Valentines Day other than conversation hearts..Shane is my youngest son's name..and VIOLA!! his own personal heart was created!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I love the zoo..Everytime I go it seems like I get inspired.Whether its looking at the different shades of colors of feathers on a bird..or just hearing the questions that my boys ask me as we make our way through the different displays..I just love how their curiousity makes everything so new and exciting even if we've been there more than once.

I love ANY and ALL animals..But I HAVE to say that the alligator/crocodile display HAS to be where my love gets tested the most.WHY?? Because this is one of THE ONLY animals that can chase you in water as well as on land..theres just no where for you to hide!

But I love watching how still they can be..and how patient they are..I guess aside from being visually inspired..I can be emotionally inspired too..