Monday, October 6, 2008

Some fruity embroidered tea towels

I made this set of embroidered tea towels for a swap that I was in.My partner was wanting a fruit theme and here they are..

The grapes were embroidered using ombre embroidery floss.I love the way that the colors changed on the grapes and it brought a different dimension to the grapes.

The cherries were the most fun to embroider.I had a blast filling in the stems and I thought I was done..then I stared at them for a bit and thought they were missing something..a pretty little leaf..I added those and then they looked complete!!

The watermelon pattern was the most time consuming due to the rind and the seed details.I HAD to fill in the peel color with the light and dark green.I had such a hard time with the seeds but I KNEW that they would just add a certain aunthenticity to the watermelon and I was glad that I figured it out since it came out great.

Here is the set all together.

This is only my 3rd embriodery project and I had so much fun.This swap has done several things for me..

~made me totally addicted to obtaining any and all embroidery floss colors that I
can find

~I have to look for and buy tea towels no matter what store I go to.I feel like I
am on a mission to find the best tea towel there is..

I look forward to trying more detailed projects and on various materials.


Forever Foxed said...

Those are so neat! I wish I could embroider!

Livy said...

Oh! I'm new to embroidery too. I guess by new I mean my foray into it started and ended with one project. But I do mean to pick it up again. It's just so time consuming.

I had a set of vintage white handkerchiefs that I was so excited to embroider, although I only did one of them, it was such fun! (here's the result: