Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bath Bombs..hooray! Now,if only I took baths and NOT showers..

Ryan and I made these..They are strawberry scented with a tad of pink coloring.They are HUGE and we used some almond oil.Since I dont take baths(I take showers)Ryan is the lucky user of all of them.He is an excellent guinea pig to my many trials and errors.He gives me excellent feedback from how they smell,feel and packaged.

The next thing that he wants to work on is lip balm..stay tuned..


Lindsey said...

I love bath bombs but I've never actually used one! I don't take baths either, I take showers. But I do use lip balm, and lots of it! so I'm staying tuned :)

dindie said...

hi..aww those bath bombs remind me of Lush products...I would really like to have some, but I am a shower person like you (not a bath). but I would definitely smell it all day if I were your neighbor.