Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The MANY faces of Shane

Shane was selected to be a part of our Down Syndrome group's yearly calender.A professional photographer met with him to take some photos of him while at the park.She was awesome enough to let me have the photos and I soon realized that I havent made a clay photo pendant of Shane in awhile.

Here are the pendants with some of the new photos of Shane.

I use the tshirt paper transfer method to transfer the photos onto the polymer clay,it is then coated with sealer.

I ♥ them..but then again I am a little biased..


Cathe Holden said...

These are beautiful!! Oh my gosh your son is so photogenic!! Congratulations to him for being in the calendar, how wonderful!

K. said...

He is sooo beautiful and cuuuute! Makes me want to pinch his cheeks and mess his hair (big sis syndrome, my siblings ,even as college students, still run when I take THAT look) hehehe

Stephanie said...

Those are awesome!! And your son, is very handsome!!